Workshop Testimonials

Charitable organizations are attending the Walter Joseph Group Real Estate Gifting Workshops and learning how they can accept real estate gifts TODAY without the costs, additional staff, time and risks! Join the movement. Register for the next workshop. 


Here's what our attendees are saying.....

"The clarity of the material presented was terrific. Easy to comprehend, even for those without a strong finance background."                - workshop attendee

"We are grateful to Kimm Dodaro and the Walter Joseph Group Workshops for preparing our charity with outstanding opportunities to capitalize on the vast charitable gift planning potential within real estate holdings.  I very much appreciate Kimm for her professionalism, technical skill sets, strategic expertise and proficiency.  Our ministry is now actively engaged in planning various complex real estate cases with substantial charitable impact.  We highly recommend attending these instrumental workshops."                                                                                         - Robert, Food for the Poor

"It was essential to take away this one simple fact - no charity should automatically refuse a gift of real estate."                                                - workshop attendee

"Keep spreading the word. The benefit you offer non-profits is limited only by their eagerness to pursue gifts of real estate, not their current staff readiness to vet them."                                                                                         - workshop attendee

"...the hands on training I received with the Walter Joseph Group seminars will empower me to examine gifts of Real Estate in a new light."   - workshop attendee