"Donating our company's unused real estate assets and volunteering at local charities makes our company stronger"

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Small Business & Corporate Real Estate Planning & Gifting

Making A Difference

The Walter Joseph Group specializes in partnering with companies to create innovative and impactful strategies to repurpose unused real estate or complex assets to minimize taxes, increase cash-flow and assist them to become or continue being a philanthropic leader in their community.


Is Your Company Maximizing The Benefits Of It's Unused Real Estate?

The Walter Joseph Group takes a unique approach to common company issues and identifies ways your unused real estate can solve these issues.  We evaluate, position and strategize ideas with your company to find positive, individualized solutions to minimize taxes and maximize the potential of your company's unused assets.  

With the economic market consistently changing, businesses of all sizes need to be smart on their use of company assets, inventory and resources.  Your unused real estate can be the solution to your business's cash-flow, growth strategies as well as for some, exit strategies and downsizing plans.


Charitable Gifting For Small Businesses & Corporations

An increasing amount of companies are making charitable gifting an important part of their company's goals.  However, many businesses are giving cash donations and do not realize the benefits of real estate gifting.  Donating your unused real estate or complex asset to charities can have a much greater impact than cash donations.  Learn how to increase your giving while retaining the cash within your business for future growth and opportunities.


Turn Unused Assets Into Empowering Assets For Your Business And Community

  • Vacant or abandoned commercial property or land
  • Non-usable industrial or manufacturing facility
  • Environmentally challenged property no one seems to know what to do with
  • Empty warehouses
  • Half leased office buildings or strip centers that are negatively or positively cash-flowing
  • Residential housing units
  • Empty office space or big box units
  • Note portfolios of real estates business equity
  • Limited partnership interests
  • Many other assets…