A Successful Real Estate Portfolio

5 Key Areas of Real Estate Planning

Walter Joseph Group is a real estate planning firm assisting clients to review, analyze, plan and manage their real estate portfolio to maximize its potential.  Our elite team of professionals will create a personalized strategy for your real estate plan to satisfy your goals and wishes. These strategies are powerful, our process is simple and the results will benefit you now and your legacy for generations.  

Our real estate planning process reviews the following:

Real Estate Evaluation and Beneficiary Planning

More than just determining the fair market value of your property, our real estate evaluation process will let you know if your real estate investments are on track to meet your financial goals now and for the future.  More than 70% of real estate, when passed on to beneficiaries/heirs, are structured with poor or improper beneficiary documentation resulting in high taxable situations or wrong heirs receiving assets.  Real estate beneficiary planning ensures your plan is current, stays current to your wishes and is carried out at time of receipt by your beneficiaries to avoid these negative outcomes.    

Looking for ways to minimize financial risks and exposures on current owned property?

Recently inherited real estate and unsure how it fits into your financial plan?

Real Estate Succession Planning

Whether your real estate is your personal asset or part of your business succession plan, proper planning of these assets will ensure your plans, wishes and goals are carried out.  Often, real estate is locked in probate due to lack of proper planning.  Our team will ensure your strategies are in place and the transition goes exactly according to plan…your plan.

Own real estate and not sure how to position the asset for heirs who don't have an interest in it or simply don't have the time to take care of it?

Design a real estate plan that will satisfy your goals and wishes without putting worry on the shoulders of your heirs or beneficiaries.

Real Estate Investing and Tax Strategies

There are more investing and tax strategies pertaining to real estate for individuals and businesses available then we can list.  When it comes to real estate, knowing which tax strategies are best for your real estate portfolio will mean a big difference in the amount of estate, income and capital gains taxes paid.  Planning ahead can make the greatest impact to your net worth.   

Trying to grow your real estate portfolio tax free?

Looking to pay a minimal amount of taxes based on the proper positioning of your asset?

Unwinding out of a 1031 exchange?

Learn ways to gift real estate to charity while increasing your cash flow and minimizing taxes. 


Buying and Selling Real Estate

In today's economy there is a lot of talk about buying and selling real estate, but little discussion of how beneficial real estate assets could be if positioned properly.  It's not just about the selling and purchase price, real estate can be so much more empowering.  From minimizing taxes, creating cash flow to charitable gifting, working with the right professional creates the right, unique opportunities for your personal needs.

Looking to acquire or sell real estate, anywhere in the country? 

Inherited real estate and unsure what to do with it?

Property not performing or causing a financial hardship?  

Have real estate that is contaminated or has environmental concerns?  Walter Joseph Group can help.

Own large blocks of real estate and need to sell it at a discount? We can help you regain back some of the value you may loose selling it.  

Are you a financial advisor, real estate attorney or broker working with clients who need their real estate portfolio reviewed? Walter Joseph Group can help you position your client's real estate assets to best serve their goals and wishes.


Charitable Gifting for Real Estate & Complex Assets

It is often mistaken that one needs to have extreme wealth to be generous. Actually the opposite is true.  If you are an individual or business and giving to charity is something you are currently doing or desire to do, let Walter Joseph Group show you how real estate can provide you the opportunity to give more.  Let us help you create a Generosity Plan™ unique to your wishes. 

Real estate can allow donors to give more to charity than with a cash or bequest donation and provide much needed funding to the charity now as well as the future.

Own real estate you want to enjoy during your life time but don't have heirs interested in receiving it?  Let's discuss charitable options allowing you to live in your home for your lifetime, provide for your charity of choice and the options for receiving a cash flow while minimizing taxes.

Are you a small business or corporation with unused real estate on your books?  Give back to your community and help your company save on taxes or create cash-flow in the process. Ask us how.

Charity of choice denied your real estate donation?  Don't get discouraged, we can help.