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"Rita and I are delighted that our property has been donated. We send our most sincere thanks to Kimm and Barbara.  We feel very happy indeed that this has been completed and that the donation is going to support veterans. Those servicemen will be of an age that the asset can be active for many years after we are gone.  

Special thanks to you, Kimm, for your advice regarding taxes. Rita and I are wearing smiling faces that your work has resulted in such a wonderful result.  We cannot thank you enough!"   - Rita and Don 

Understanding Real Estate Planning

Financial, Estate & Real Estate Planning - There Is A Difference

You may be looking to complete or have already completed a financial and estate plan for your family or business.  While financial and estate planning is vital, like many, you may have overlooked planning for your greatest asset, real estate.  Most people believe a financial plan or estate plan manages your real estate portfolio, but it is usually not the case.  There is a BIG difference between financial planning, estate planning and real estate planning.  At the Walter Joseph Group, we help clients evaluate, position, and maximize their real estate potential through effective planning strategies. 

Owning a home, real estate through your business or other real estate property often represents a person's largest asset.  Chances are real estate is the largest asset class you own.  People often assume one needs to own multiple properties in order to consider real estate planning.  If you own a home or business property you can benefit from our real estate planning strategies.  If you own multiple real estate assets,  it is highly recommended to complete a real estate plan.   When positioned and managed properly, real estate planning can provide many positive financial solutions. The Walter Joseph Group will show you how real estate planning can empower your family and business. 

Financial Planning And Estate Planning 

For a financial plan, many people turn to their financial advisor or wealth manager to review their financial portfolio.  Your financial portfolio usually consists of 401ks, IRAs, investments in stocks, bonds, mutual funds and insurance.  Your trusted professional will advise you on what and how to invest, position and sell within your financial portfolio to prepare or support you through retirement.

With estate planning, many people look to their attorney to draft their will, trust or other legal documents to properly pass their belongings to the correct heirs minimizing taxes and other fees within the exchange. 

Financial planning and estate planning are both very important steps in creating a solid financial foundation for you and your family.  Real estate planning will take you one step further and that's where we can help. 

Individual Or Business - We All Need Real Estate Planning

You've heard many experts say how important it is to have a financial plan and estate plan for your retirement and heirs.  Due to recent economic conditions, it is equally important to have your real estate assets reviewed, analyzed and managed.  

Real estate planning reviews your home, business and other property you own to ensure it is meeting your financial goals and wishes. Your real estate portfolio, if positioned properly, can provide your family, even your business with the following opportunities now and in the future.

  • Minimize income taxes, capital gains taxes and estate taxes
  • Generate, possibly increase your current cash flow
  • Remove burden of propery management and expenses
  • Succession plan for your heirs or business assets 
  • Update and manage ACCURATE beneficiary information
  • Provide options to gift real estate to your favorite charity