Real Estate And Generosity Planning

Your Client's real Estate Portfolio Creates New Opportunities

As a wealth planner or financial advisor, most likely you are reviewing your client's financial portfolio.  At Walter Joseph Group, we take planning to another level by reviewing your client's real estate portfolio.  Many client's don't realize they have a real estate portfolio, but most do.  With real estate often making up the largest percentage group of assets in a client's portfolio, it is imperative it be reviewed like any other asset.  

Our Strategies Provide A New Cash Flow Stream You Can Manage

Our real estate planning tools and techniques often create cash opportunities your client will need your expertise to manage.  Once we begin to review your client's real estate portfolio, Walter Joseph Group becomes your virtual back office support to assist in developing an up to date, personalized real estate plan.  By partnering with the Walter Joseph Group, your clients receive a higher level of service and value.  Real estate portfolio planning allows your practice to become a full service agency offering the following benefits to your clients.

  • Reduce income taxes, capital gains taxes and estate taxes with our strategies 
  • Uncover new cash flow potential once real estate assets are repositioned
  • Decrease excessive expenses and costs associated with real estate 
  • Restructure holdings to fund other investments or businesses
  • Offer generational - succession planning to ease taxes, expenses and worry for heirs
  • Create a Generosity Plan™ to offer real estate gifting options 
  • Provide solutions to clients from one advisor, YOU and not multiple
  • Allow clients to LIVE their legacy, not just leave one
Real Estate Planning Allows Clients To Give Generously

Many clients are also very interested in gifting to charities.  Real estate planning has given them the opportunity to give or give greater.  Through your client's real estate portfolio there are solutions to offer the ability to be charitable using real estate.  In addition to real estate planning, Walter Joseph Group can evaluate your client's real estate portfolio to create a personalized Generosity Plan™ to satisfy their philanthropic wish.  Many professional advisors and clients are not aware how impactful real estate gifting can be for the client as well as the charity.  Client's are excited to discover gifting real estate can often provide answers to reducing their taxes, funding retirement and increasing their cash flow.