3 Step Real Estate Planning Process 

Analyze, Design and Implement

Our 3 step planning process is simple. Our knowledge, experience and powerful strategies are life-changing.  Walter Joseph Group works directly with you and your client to customize a real estate plan through our analyze, design and implement process.

Step 1: Analyze

  • Evaluate current status of real estate portfolio and define client goals
  • Determine if portfolio is on target with reaching desired goals
  • Uncover existing exposures and risks within the portfolio
  • Identify portfolio cash flow and liquidity potential
  • Analyze current income tax, capital gains and estate tax exposures

Step 2: Design

  • Meet or talk to client's existing advisors to discuss their input
  • Assemble design team for this case
  • Determine strategies to minimize exposures & risks within real estate portfolio
  • Create the necessary cash flow and liquidity strategies to meet client goals
  • Choose strategies to reduce income tax, capital gains and estate tax exposures
  • Determine options for generosity planning if desired by client
  • Provide conceptual plan and implementation timeline for client review
  • Make necessary revisions to receive client approval for plan implementation

Step 3: Implement

  • Receive client approval for plan implementation
  • Assign responsibilities for client and advisory team to carry out plan
  • Monitor plan and timeline to ensure effectiveness