"It's a great feeling knowing even my grandchildren will benefit from our real estate plan"

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Individual And Family Real Estate Planning & Gifting

How Impactful Is Your Real Estate Portfolio?

Most financial advisors will review your financial assets (mutual funds, stocks, annuities, bonds, 401ks and IRAs). Real estate, most likely the largest asset class you own, is an equally important asset that should also be evaluated. If you own only one piece of real estate, such as your home, you have a real estate portfolio. Your real estate portfolio can provide many financial opportunities you may not have had accessible before. It is never too late to have your real estate portfolio reviewed. 

Walter Joseph Group is happy to work with you or your financial advisor to evaluate and position your real estate assets to minimize taxes while creating funds to achieve your personal financial goals and charitable gifting wishes. We believe that living your legacy is just as important as leaving one.


Minimize Taxes And Create Capital Through Your Real Estate Portfolio

How well you position your real estate portfolio can determine its positive impact.  Your real estate portfolio has the power to minimize your taxes while creating funds for investments, retirement, cash, college expenses and generosity gifting wishes.  Walter Joseph Group specializes in positioning your real estate portfolio with up to date strategies to meet your personalized financial goals. Many of our clients are amazed at the opportunities their real estate portfolio allowed them to accomplish. 


Find Solutions To Your Real Estate Questions

There are many types of properties you may have acquired in the past years.  Perhaps it is the home you live in, a summer home you visit throughout the year, property for your business, investment property or even fractional shares of a portfolio. If any of the questions below relate to a situation you are experiencing, contact the Walter Joseph Group and discover how we can turn your real estate portfolio into the empowering asset it was meant to be. 

  • How can I minimize costs and expenses associated with maintaining this property?
  • Would my real estate portfolio be a burden to my heirs if something happened to me?
  • What are my options if I no longer need or want the property?
  • Can I avoid large capital gains, tax exposure or possibly a large loss on my investment? 
  • How do I donate my property; minimize my taxes and maximize the value of my gift?
  • Who can help me if my charity of choice will not accept my real estate gift?
You Care Deeply, Make Sure Your Real Estate Gift Impacts Deeply

You are thinking or have decided you want to make a real estate donation to a charitable organization whose mission is close to your heart. Your real estate gift can accomplish many great things for your family and the charity.  How impactful this real estate gift can be depends on how you position it.

The professionals at Walter Joseph Group have over 175 years combined experience working with donors and charitable organizations across the country.  We specialize in fulfilling the needs of the donor while minimizing taxes and maximizing the value of the real estate donation.  Many donors don't realize the options they have or understand the legal procedures when donating real estate. Our real estate specialists will take you step by step through the donation process and put together a unique generosity plan that works for you. Partnering with the Walter Joseph Group means you will always have a professional friend to lean on.