Referral Program

Working Together To Help Charities Get Cash From Real Estate Donations

Walter Joseph Group is committed to helping charities receive 1 billion dollars from real estate gifts by 2025.   To reach this goal, we are working to bring our program to your community.    

There are two ways to have your charity attend a workshop at no cost to you:  

First, by hosting a workshop in your area.   If you are seeking to start or grow your real estate gifting program, host a workshop in your area with other local charities.  The host charity will attend the workshop at no cost.   Call us for additional details.

Second, by attending one of our workshops or joining the Mastery Program.  Refer two other charities who also attend and you attend the workshop at no cost.  

We look forward to working with charities across the country and continuing to share our real estate donation success stories!

Positioning Real Estate To Inspire Lives And Impact Legacies, 

Walter Joseph Group

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