Real Estate Gift Cash Accelerator™

The Gift Cash Accelerator™ Is Our Simple Real Estate Gifting Process

Walter Joseph Group created a unique, proprietary process called the Gift Cash Accelerator™ to assist your charity in accepting gifts of real estate, instead of rejecting them.  The Gift Cash Accelerator™ minimizes or eliminates the risks, time, staff and costs associated with accepting real estate donations.

The process quickly converts the donation into a cash value your charitable organization can use NOW to fund your mission TODAY.  The Gift Cash Accelerator™ ensures you will never turn down the right gifts of real estate.  This process allows your charity to receive cash from real estate donations quickly, while satisfying your donor's wishes.  If you are not ready to assist your donor with real estate gifts, chances are another charity will.

Are you are currently not accepting real estate gifts or passing on any real estate gifts offered? The Gift Cash Accelerator™ is the right solution for your organization. 

Simple Process for Any Size Charity to Implement

Charity receives a real estate donation and reviews the gift with Walter Joseph Group.

Walter Joseph Group performs the necessary due diligence. 

Upon acceptance, Walter Joseph Group creates a personalized plan based on the needs of the charity and the donor.  The potential gift structure is shared with the charity, donor and his/her advisors. Walter Joseph Group can be the single point of contact for all parties involved.

Next steps, time lines, required documentation and fee agreement(s) are reviewed. All parties must agree to move forward.

Walter Joseph Group facilitates the gift. With our program, charity takes on little to no risk.

Walter Joseph Group turns the real estate gift into a liquidated cash value in an accelerated period of time; at times within weeks of receiving the gift.  

Your organization receives a cash value of the gift. 

Your happy donor has fulfilled their philanthropic wish to their charity of choice.