Mastery Program 

Ready To Dramatically Increase Your Fundraising Dollars? 

Walter Joseph Group designed a program to improve the outcome of how your charity seeks, evaluates, accepts and liquidates gifts of real estate.  The Mastery Program is our exclusive coaching, marketing and virtual back office support system created to turn your organization into a master marketer and launch or increase your real estate gifting program.  This program is going to change the way you fundraise.  

Our Goal Is To Help You Achieve Your Goal.  Let’s Go.
  • Increase the size of your real estate gifts received
  • Increase the quality and quantity of your real estate gifts processed
  • Increase your real estate donor satisfaction to get more solid referrals
  • Increase your charity’s overall real estate gift success close rate percentage 
How Can The Mastery Program Benefit Your Charitable Organization? 
It's As Simple As….Educate, Market and Accelerate

Step 1: Educate

Small or large charities, it's time to Get Educated

  • How to make real estate gifting simple
  • Identify the right types of real estate gifts
  • Excite your donor about real estate gifting
  • Minimize or eliminate risks for your charity
  • Learn how to structure real estate gifts creatively
  • Understand the due diligence process
  • Work with industry leading professionals

Step 2: Market

Advance your education and Go Market

  • Recognize and market to the right donors
  • Capture missed real estate gifting opportunities
  • Learn scripts & dialogues creating donor interest
  • Build professional networks & resources
  • Access to network of potential real estate donors

Step 3: Accelerate ….a close

Turn a good real estate gift into a great one, Let's Accelerate

  • Learn powerful techniques to bring real estate gifts to a fast close
  • Use our virtual back office support team to help your organization accept gifts of real estate quickly
  • Convert gifts into cash quickly using the Gift Cash Accelerator™

We are committed to bringing 1 billion dollars to charities nationwide by the end of 2025 through our real estate gifting programs.  For every charity we help learn how to educate, market and accelerate, we get one step closer. We know by working together, we can achieve this amazing goal.  Are you ready?