Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How will my charitable organization benefit from partnering with the Walter Joseph Group?

Walter Joseph Group is an elite real estate consulting firm that empowers our charitable organization partners through coaching, education, guidance and support for real estate gifts.  Our Real Estate Gift Cash Accelerator™, Educational Workshops and Mastery Program provide you with: 

  • Industry leading professionals
  • On-going educational platform
  • Turn-key tools, systems and procedures
  • Successful marketing techniques
  • Virtual back office support
  • One-on-one guidance
  • Single point of contact
  • Up to date, innovative real estate strategies
  • Risk free, quick liquidity real estate gifting process
  • Access to our personal network of real estate donors

Q. We are ready to learn more about real estate gifting. How do we get started?

There are 4 ways to get started. 

Real Estate Gift Cash Accelerator

The Real Estate Gift Cash Accelerator™ will minimize or eliminate the risks, time, staff and costs associated with accepting real estate donations for any size non-profit organization.  The process quickly transfers the donation into a cash value you can use now to fund your charitable organization’s mission of today.  Walter Joseph Group becomes your virtual back office support to help your organization accept gifts of real estate.

Educational Workshops 

Enroll in our “Real Estate Gifts Made Easy” Workshops.  In each workshop Walter Joseph Group will discuss various real estate gifting topics that will take your organization to the next fundraising level.  You will leave inspired and fired up.

Mastery Program

Are you ready for your organization to explode with real estate gifts? The Mastery Program provides your charitable organization with an in-depth education and coaching on the real estate donation process from beginning to end.  You will learn how to design a personalized marketing plan to create an impactful and high yielding real estate gift acceptance program. 

Have A Real Estate Donor Now?

Do you have a donor and need immediate assistance? Don’t lose this opportunity.  Contact Walter Joseph Group today. Click here.

Q. I have a real estate donor now, can Walter Joseph Group help me?

Yes, of course!  Contact Walter Joseph Group today and we will be happy to assist you. Click here. 

Q.  What type and size charitable organizations does Walter Joseph Group partner with?

Walter Joseph Group partners with all 501(c)3 charitable organizations.  Our unique, proprietary Real Estate Gift Cash Accelerator™ allows any size or type charitable organization to find and liquidate real estate gifts. It is our mission to bring 1 billion dollars in real estate donations to charities by 2025 and it is our process that allows every single charity to be able to participate in this amazing goal. Contact Walter Joseph Group and learn how your charity can get started today. 

Q. What types of real estate donations will Walter Joseph accept?

Acceptable real estate donations include the following type of properties with a minimum fair market value of $25,000.

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Raw or vacant land
  • Farmland
  • Second homes
  • Vacation homes
  • Timeshares
  • Mixed use parcels

We even accept Debt Encumbered properties.

Acceptable non-real estate donations include (but are not limited to):

  • Life insurance policy
  • Limited partnership interests
  • Private held company interest

Please contact Walter Joseph Group for acceptance on other complex asset donations.

Q. What if my donor has questions I can’t help them with? Who communicates with the donor?

Your donor may have specific financial needs they are looking to achieve in addition to donating their real estate gift and you may not have the expertise to handle the request.  It is quite common.  Walter Joseph Group is available to assist both you and your donor.  We can help you manage your donor’s request and ensure both your charitable organization and your donor’s needs are met. It is our goal at the end of the day to have a very happy charity and a very pleased donor!  Communication is key.

Q.  What if my real estate donation process requires a professional such as an attorney or real estate agent?

There are times a real estate gift may need the advice or assistance with another professional.  Walter Joseph Group is willing to work with the donor’s advisors  if available, otherwise, we have a network of professionals including attorneys, real estate agents, accountants, tax experts and financial advisors ready to help.

Q. My charitable organization’s board of directors is not in favor of accepting gifts of real estate, but I understand the positive impact of these types of gifts. How can Walter Joseph Group help my organization accept gifts of real estate?

It is very understandable why many charitable organizations do not want to take on the risks of accepting gifts of real estate.  They may feel they don’t have the time, staff or funds to handle a gift with this magnitude.  This is the main reason why Walter Joseph Group created the Real Estate Gift Cash Accelerator™.  If you have a board of directors not in favor of accepting gifts of real estate, contact Walter Joseph Group  and we will be happy to work with you and your board to get your organization to say “Yes, we accept the right gifts of real estate.”  Keep in mind each year your board refuses to accept real estate gifts, your charity is losing out on thousands of fundraising dollars.

Q.  What is the difference between the Real Estate Gift Cash Accelerator™ and the Mastery Program?

The Real Estate Gift Cash Accelerator™ is our process your organization can use to facilitate a real estate or other complex asset gift once it is already received.  This unique process minimizes or even eliminates the risks and extra time, costs and staff associated with these types of gifts. The process quickly turns the gift into a liquidated cash value for your organization to use now, at times within weeks of receiving the gift.  The Mastery Program is our coaching and training platform providing an in-depth education on real estate gifting, assists in reviewing or creating your organization’s real estate gifting acceptance plan and teaches the successful ways to market to your donors to get more and larger gifts of real estate. 

Q. Do I have to be part of the Mastery Program to use the Real Estate Gift Cash Accelerator™?  

No. The Real Estate Gift Cash Accelerator™ is available to any-size non-profit organization ready to accept gifts of real estate without the risks and additional time, staff and costs associated with these types of gifts.

Q. How do I begin using the Real Estate Gift Cash Accelerator™?

There is no cost to enroll.  All fees are based on the structure of each individual case and are agreed upon before processing the gift. To get more information or to start using the Real Estate Gift Cash Accelerator™ click here. 

Q. Do I have to use the Real Estate Gift Cash Accelerator™ for every real estate gift I receive?

No. If your charitable organization is willing to accept the risks associated with taking title to a real estate gift or is not looking to quickly turn the real estate gift into a cash value, then you would not necessarily need to use the Real Estate Gift Cash Accelerator™.  You do have the option of requesting the assistance of the Walter Joseph Group to help you with the transaction.  A negotiated fees would apply based on the type of gift.  Our current clients find the most efficient and effective way to facilitate a real estate gift is through the Real Estate Gift Cash Accelerator™.  They are extremely pleased when they receive a liquidated cash value of the real estate gift they accepted just weeks ago. 

Q. How do I enroll in the Mastery Program?

To begin the enrollment process in the Mastery Program click here.

Q. How do I enroll in the Educational Workshops?

Walter Joseph Group offers educational workshops for those who are just getting started with accepting gifts of real estate to those who understand the gift acceptance process but are looking for ways to get more and bigger gifts of real estate.  Enroll in the workshops to help you create or maximize your real estate gifting program. Click here.

Q. We have a large board of directors and several staff members who would benefit from the educational workshops.  Do you offer private, personalized real estate gifting workshops?

Yes.  If your organization is interested in a private, personalized real estate gifting workshop please contact us at (224) 633-2200.