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"Rita and I are delighted that our property has been donated. We send our most sincere thanks to Kimm and Barbara.  We feel very happy indeed that this has been completed and that the donation is going to support veterans. Those servicemen will be of an age that the asset can be active for many years after we are gone.  

Special thanks to you, Kimm, for your advice regarding taxes. Rita and I are wearing smiling faces that your work has resulted in such a wonderful result.  We cannot thank you enough!"   - Rita and Don 

Charitable Organizations

We Help Any Size Charity Accept and Sell Gifts Of Real Estate

This is your year! With real estate holdings making up 30%-40% of the assets of most families, it is estimated in the next two decades more than 34 trillion dollars in real estate will change hands due to the aging of America.

The average real estate gift is worth $284,000. Yet, about 80% of the real estate gifts offered to charities are rejected.  Has your charity turned down real estate gifts? Is your board risk adverse to even thinking about a real estate gifting program? Currently have gifts of real estate and seeking options to liquidate the gifts? We can help!

Walter Joseph Group has proven solutions to provide charities with a successful and simple real estate gift donation program. 

There is no better time than now to build a solid real estate gifting program within your organization. Whether a large organization or a very small one, the Walter Joseph Group has a program suitable for every size and risk tolerance associated with every charity imaginable. Our educational platform and back office support is second to none.  While other consulting firms focus on a list of services they offer, we specialize in one concentrated area, real estate. From training charitable staff and board members, to assisting donors and their advisors, from serving as the back office support to charities, we take the complexity out of real estate donations and make the process simple, easy and attainable. For any fundraising efforts your organization needs to fulfill, real estate is the gift you can no longer afford to ignore. 

Walter Joseph Group is Your Solution

Not accepting real estate gifts to accepting real estate gifts within days
Passing on a majority of real estate gifts to never rejecting the right real estate gift
Board rejecting real estate gifts; we have a program the toughest boards accepted
Fearful of the risks with accepting real estate gifts; we minimize or eliminate risks
Can't turn real estate gifts into cash; we liquidate real estate gifts fast, within weeks
Lack staff/time to manage real estate gifts; we're your expert virtual back office staff
Need gifts of real estate; we have the training and marketing plan ready





The Gift Cash Accelerator ™ will minimize or eliminate the risks, time, staff and costs associated with accepting real estate gifts. The process quickly transfers the donation into a cash value your charitable organization can use NOW to fund your mission of TODAY. Walter Joseph Group becomes your virtual back office team to accept gifts of real estate.


Enroll in one of our Real Estate Gifting for Charitable Organization Workshops. Walter Joseph Group discusses various real estate gifting topics to take your organization to the next level. Whether your organization is new to real estate gifting or experienced, you will walk away feeling inspired and fired up.


Are you ready for your organization to explode with real estate gifts? The Mastery Program provides your charitable organization with an in-depth education and coaching on the real estate donation process from beginning to end. You will learn how to design a personalized marketing plan to create an impactful and high yielding real estate gift acceptance program.


Do you have a donor and need immediate assistance? Don’t lose this opportunity.  Walter Joseph Group is ready to assist you. Complete the Real Estate Gift Cash Accelerator™ Data Sheet or contact us today.