About Us

Our Purpose

Walter Joseph Group was founded on the principle when you help someone they in turn can help another. We are dedicated to helping families, businesses, charitable organizations and professional advisors understand the power of real estate planning. We strive to make the real estate planning process simple, helpful and effective to encourage everyone to get their real estate portfolio reviewed. Real estate planning encourages real estate gifting. We want everyone to know donating real estate provides many benefits for their family or business as well as the charity. The more we help each other, the more we help our future. The impact of a real estate donation can be felt for generations to come. 

Our Mission

Walter Joseph Group knows first-hand the impact donating gifts of real estate has on charitable organizations.  Since 2007, Walter Joseph Group has helped charities nationwide receive millions of dollars through real estate gifts supporting many causes such as; military veterans, patient and family support , wildlife, environmental, medical services and research , children and family care and development and relief aid.  We have BIG plans to continue this momentum.

Walter Joseph Group is committed to helping donors bring 1 billion dollars of real estate gifts to charities nationwide by the end of 2025. Yes, $1 billion dollars and we need your support to achieve this mission.

We can only reach the 1 billion dollar goal together. 

Core Values

Walter Joseph Group was named after an individual who portrayed the utmost integrity, leadership and courage.  We strive each and every day to respect our partners with these core values. 


Walter Joseph Group respects every family, business, charitable organization and advisor we work with. Everyone has their own story. Our goal is to help you tell your story the way you want it told.  We will listen to your needs and wishes and promise to deliver personalized, high-valued guidance.  We aspire to become your life long partner in your real estate planning journey.  


The Walter Joseph Group is comprised of the top, elite professionals in each of their respective fields.  It is our intention to surround you with the most knowledgeable and qualified experts to provide you with the best, up to date solutions. Our professionals are passionate about what's important to you.  As your biggest supporter, we will motivate you to your excellence. 


Walter Joseph Group offers out of the box advice to meet your real estate planning goals and wishes. We stand behind our professionals and admire their dedication to provide solutions you most likely will not find elsewhere.  We stand side by side with every family, business and organization in our network.  Walter Joseph Group is dedicated to ensure you live your legacy not just leave one.